Want to be an AWS Solutions Architect? Here’s what you need to know

Cloud computing is becoming a core competency in the modern era of Information Technology. This shift requires a new set of skills to plan, install, administer, and manage submissions in cloud computing.

AWS is the market leader and most trusted contributor in the cloud computing sector. It is also a reference point for all its competitors. AWS will continue to lead in public cloud espousal in 2020. It currently offers twelve certifications that cover both introductory and expert topics of cloud computing.
How important is it to get the correct AWS certification?
AWS certification shows that an individual is able to demonstrate the most valuable and lucrative skills, as validated by one of the most trusted bodies in cloud computing. Certification demonstrates a shared understanding of a podium, a common lingo, as well as a level of cloud proficiency that can speed up the time to significance for cloud ventures.
What is the time commitment to become AWS certified
It takes two months to learn 80 hours if you have a full-time job with other obligations. It is recommended to invest approximately 120 hours if you are completely new to AWS. This will take you three months to prepare. Start with the basics and then move on to the Solutions Architect – Associate Learning Path.
Which cloud certification is best?
AWS currently offers 12 certifications
One foundational certification
Three associate-level certifications
Two professional-level certifications
Six specialty certifications

Here’s the details:
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
AWS Certified Developer – Associate
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
AWS Certified Dev Ops Engineer – Professional
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
AWS Certified Security – Specialty
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty
AWS Certified Database – Specialty (coming soon).
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

Some certifications have replaced the old exam numbers with newer ones, including some of the AWS certifications.
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