ITIL Certification is a great way to build a career as a project manager.

The belief that products and services can be distinguished is widespread in the Information Technology industry. Many people believe that the two are inextricably linked. This is not true. The fields of Information Technology and project management are interrelated and can coexist. Learning IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can increase the value of a project manager in IT. ITIL certification is for IT professionals. It is intended to equip project managers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide high-quality services in the IT industry. Before we discuss how important ITIL certification for a project manager is, it is important that we understand how project and service complement one another and how ITIL can help professionals function optimally in both.
Difference between Project and Service
A project is a temporary task with a defined start and end date. These two parameters must be clearly documented in order to call a task a project. A project’s end result is unique or special. Service, on the other hand has no set start or end date. It is intended to be continuous for as long as it is needed. A service does not have a specific outcome and no product is created. A service’s goal is generally to maintain a specific norm.
ITIL’s role in project management
It is important to understand the impact of ITIL certification on project management before you decide to pursue it. ITIL is generally a credential for services. This means that IT professionals in the service industry are targeted. This is no longer the case. Because the business world is interwoven, it is difficult to distinguish between service and product in IT industry. Products, which are the final results of projects, need to be maintained. It is rare that services take over a product once the project is finished. This means that the scope of a project is now extended beyond the development and maintenance of a product. Once a product is created from a project the service of that product and the boundaries for the services must be agreed upon during the initiation phase. The services will last as long as the product requires. This means that services and projects work together and there is no distinction between them. ITIL is undoubtedly the best standard for IT services. It is becoming more and more popular, and many service professionals are looking into its benefits. Project managers need to be able to understand the nuances of ITIL and use it to improve their projects.
ITIL is important for project managers
ITIL examines the process of forming services in terms of transition, design aspects, administration, and enhancement that can be recognized. The traditional phases of project management focus on the initiation, planning and implementation, as well as monitoring and controlling. These stages are very similar with ITIL. The end result of a project is often the point at which services are initiated. This means that the product leads to the service. There will be problems with compatibility and other issues when a business releases a product to an end user. After developing the product, a business must take over the service role and provide customer satisfaction. If the business had not planned for this role at the product development phase, it would be difficult to assume the servicing role. It is important to anticipate potential service issues and devise a solution. A project manager will benefit greatly from an understanding of ITIL when assuming this role.
ITIL Certification for Project Managers
The ITIL certificate will be a great help to project managers in all aspects. A thorough understanding of ITIL content will help project managers to have a better perspective and be able to manage the project. Project managers with ITIL certification are well-equipped to lead the team. He or she can manage a project from its inception to its successful completion. The technical knowledge of project management is also a plus.