6 Signs You Should Make 6 Figures

The Developer Survey was released by the brilliant minds at Stack Overflow. We had the opportunity to see not only what developers do at work but also how they live when they aren’t disrupting industries.
These results paint an interesting picture: Not just would you like a developer living next door, but there are good chances that you are very close to becoming one.
Here are 6 signs that you should be making 6 figures in your career as a developer.
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1. You are the IT person for your family
Did you set up the Apple TV for your grandparents? Did you convince your grandparents to use a password other that “1234”? Did you tell your aunt or uncle to unplug the item and then plug it back into?
Over 92% of developers are the go-to IT person for the family (unpaid, to our knowledge).
2. Reddit and YouTube are used more than Snapchat.
Reddit is the place to spend your screen time, whether you’re scrolling through: /aww; /science; /mildlyinteresting; or all three.
According to Stack Overflow Reddit (17%) is the most popular social media platform among developers, followed by YouTube (16.4%), and Whatsapp (15.8%).
Snapchat (0.7%) is a social media platform driven by influence. It is rarely used.
3. It’s a pleasure to talk to people
Spoiler No. 1: To code, you must talk to others about what to code. Spoiler: Spoiler No. 2: Talking face-to-face with people is often the best way to do this! The developer survey revealed that 60.5% prefer to interact in person, with 28.6% opting to communicate online.
In Hollywood, developers might avoid contact with their clients. However, only 10.9% of introverts are actually in reality.
4. Elon Musk is more important than Mark Zuckerberg to you

While the CEO of Tesla might be worth less than the founder of Facebook, Elon Musk is 30X more influential in the developing world.
Elon Musk was voted the most influential person in tech by more than 30% of developers, while Mark Zuckerberg was only 1.7%. With 7.2%, Jeff Bezos was second.
5. You’re under 35
Although the most prominent names in tech are typically over 40, those who actually write the code that changes the world are still relatively young. The average age for developers in the United States is 32.8. In India, the average age of coders is 25.
6. You are a cautious optimist
Pop culture can portray anyone who knows how to code a stack as someone who is trying to destroy it.
Developers live in a world full of sunshine and rainbows, compared to their gloomier counterparts.
Nearly 64% of developers believe that people born today will live a better lifestyle than their parents. Compare this to Generation Y surveys where only 33% of respondents believe they will live a better lifestyle than their parents.
How do you get to 6 figures? Call us.
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