The solutions and misleading VMWare errors

The solutions and misleading VMWare errors
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Have you received wired error messages since installing WMware Workstation? This blog post may be of some help to you.
Error 1: VMware Workstation and Device/Credential guard are not compatible VMware Workstation can still be used after disabling Device/Credential Guard.
You’ve just installed VMWare. But VMWare Workstation / Pro won’t start.
VMware Workstation is not compatible with Device/Credential Guardian. VMware Workstation can still be used after you disable Device/Credential Guard. For more information, please visit go/turnoff_CG_DG
Solution 1
It doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry. Why would you disable Credential Guard (CG) if you want to run a VM? If Vmware refuses to start, disable CG, or if neither CG nor DG is enabled and the workstation still does not work, you can still disable CG.
You should disable Hyper V, as Windows 8 and Hyper V do not like to be combined.
You can disable it by using the below command :
bcdedit/set hypervisorlaunchtype off
or You can go: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Turn Windows Features On or Off and from there untick Hyper V
Error 2: The Operation was Cancelled By The User
Now that you have your VM’s up and running, let’s say that you want to make a configuration change in the VM.
If you try to start your VMWare Workstation, but it stops suddenly, it will give you an “Operation canceled or YOU” error. You can also use the simple fix to solve any other problem (which I haven’t yet encountered).

Solution 2
Just close Your One Drive and it will work. Yes, I know that this one is too simple to remember.
To do so: Open One Drive App, Go to Settings – Select Close One Drive as below
PS: If you wish to re-enable Hyper V, you can use this command
bcdedit/set hypervisorlaunchtype
Reboot your Windows.
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