The Digital Project Manager – The 10 Most Efficient Project Management Software in 2022

The Best Project Management Software Shortlist
Here’s a summary listing the 10 tools mentioned in this article. – Designed for DPMs who are experienced

TeamGantt Intuitive tool that allows you to color code and set progress bars for each task.

Trello Best is for projects that have little or no dependencies

GanttPro Intuitive interface allows you to create a chart in just minutes

ProjectManager Functional dashboard for portfolio management

Paymo Project management tool that mimics CRM-like behavior

ClickUp Robust is an intuitive, user-friendly, interactive platform.

Wrike best for DPMs that have experience and multiple concurrent projects

Hive It is easy to use, learn and almost playful

It’s easy to work in a team when you understand the capabilities of each viewpoint.

Hello reader! You may be new to project management or simply looking for a simple app to aid in project planning. Perhaps you are an experienced project manager looking for an easy tool that will make your life easier.
No matter your experience, I decided this time to offer some software advice based on the ease with which software vendors make it easy for us to understand their products.
I created a project plan to migrate tools and decided to duplicate it in all the software on the list. I didn’t watch any tutorials, welcome guides, and my experience was based on pure, raw, 100% Hermann intuition.
I finished creating it and looked through their documentation to make sure it was understandable. I reviewed the basics and examined the pictures and videos that were available to help the user. I use a 5-star rating to grade the intuitiveness and documentation of each tool. It averages out at a score for each one.
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in a project solution selection? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
Intuition: Based on my limited knowledge and past experience, I see my way to discovering the tool. I click to find what I need.
Documentation: I check the support material to see if it contains videos, articles, guides and how-to’s. I also look for information that I can use to search for an answer when I am stuck.
Integrations: Based on the potential connections I can make to other software, I consider how I can improve the functionality of the tool that I use.
Value for $: I am looking for free trials, free versions, and the price point of paid plans.
Key Features of Project Management Software
Task management: Ability manage my project task list. Assign tasks, create recurring tasks, move, and delete.
Resource management: This feature allows you to manage who is or will be working on your project.
Views: Different ways to display project information. Examples include kanban, list and table views, as well as gantt charts.
Collaboration with other team members: These spaces are available within the software.
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Overview of the 10 easiest desktop project management software
Below is a brief description of each project manager tool, along with some notable features and screenshots that will give you a glimpse of the user interface.
Highly recommended for DPMs with experience
Screenshot of our example built in is so popular that I had to bring it into this list. It is difficult to build this project intuitively because of the many customization options and features available on Here’s my suggestion to stop your suffering. First, avoid the Gantt view.
What you can do: You can use the main table view to create your initial project draft. Then, swap the date column for one called ‘timeline’.