The Best Books for Project Managers

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Are you just getting started in project management? There are many books available. How do you know where start?
This video will share 3 books that I think are great reads for project managers. You’ll find details for each book under the video.
These will help you get a great start point for managing a project.
Richard Newton’s Project Management Book
Richard is my dream man! This book is very useful for both new project managers and those who have just started to manage projects in a formal setting.
Even if you’ve never managed projects before, this book will help you learn the jargon and techniques that will help you become a formal project manager without burdening you with bureaucracy.
The book is divided into short chapters, making it easy to read. A great handbook for getting started managing projects. Here is my review.
Brett Harned, Project Management for Humans
This book is very current and contains many references to clients and digital examples. (As you would expect given Brett’s experience in digital agencies and projects.
Beautifully compiled and beautifully illustrated book that covers soft skills needed to be a project manager.
This book is great for anyone working in digital, regardless of whether you are a digital professional or not. It is especially useful for project managers working in digital, web, software, design, or agency environments. Agile techniques are also covered.
Here is my review of Project Management for Humans.
Shortcuts to Success: Project Management In the World (2nd Ed) by Elizabeth Harrin
This is my book! It was the book that I wished I had when I first started managing projects.
You can also learn how to apply the case studies. There’s nothing worse than reading a case study and not knowing how to use it in your own project. Each chapter includes a case study, followed by the lessons.
It’s what I call my mentor on the shelf. This is because it was designed to consolidate all the great war tales from project managers.
You can also purchase it by topic as smaller ebooks (available via Kindle), so you don’t need to buy the entire book if you’re only interested in a specific topic. These sections are available as ebooks:
Project Budget Management
Project Management
Project Management
Managing Project Scope
As a Project Manager, How to Manage Yourself

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