The 10 Best Resource Management Software & Tool of 2022

Shortlist of the Best Resource Management Software
The 10 best resource management softwares for 2022 are listed below.
Mavenlink by Kantata Best RM to scale organizations

Smartsheet Best for professional services: Resource Management is the best for evenly distributing work between teams

Float BestRM for agencies and production crews

Runn Best RM is a great resource for IT and software team growth Best AI-assisted RM

Hub Planner Best RM for Enterprises

Resource Guru View the best resource calendar

eResource Scheduler Best built-in financial module

Birdview PSA Best for simulating resources loading

Without a plan or tool to manage your team members, it can be a nightmare. That’s probably why your here. You know there must be an easier way to manage your team and resources.
According to PMI’s Pulse 2020 report, poor resource management can lead to a loss of up to 11.4% in a company’s resources. It is not possible to afford to lose time and money like this, especially when project managers manage between 5 and 6 projects simultaneously. Resource management software can help you manage your workload and address some of these risk.
This comprehensive resource management software review will walk you through the top options and explain the criteria that determine which tools are the most effective. I also answer the most frequently asked questions about resource management.
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The Top 10 Best Resource Management Software Overviews
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1 Mavenlink by Kantata
Best RM for scaling companies
Mavenlink’s resource management tools include resource forecasting, utilization tools, and other features like the one pictured. It includes modules for project management and accounting, as well as resource management, team collaboration, and business intelligence. It also offers dashboards, expense tracking and live time, as well as a great documenting tool. All of these best-in class features are delivered through a simple and minimalistic design.
Mavenlink’s RM features are all covered by Mavenlink. The resource management module provides real-time utilization and margins at project and task levels. The key features include resource forecasting and capacity management, skills management as well as scenario planning and role-based planning.
The BI suite module provides built-in reports, custom reports, trend analysis, data visualization and data integration with other systems. It also offers more accounting tools than others, including project costing, task and project budget management, real time utilization and margin tracking and invoicing, rate cards and strong integrations into backend financial systems. It also offers a variety of contextual collaboration tools that allow users to communicate privately and publicly about tasks, projects, and other project objects.
I could go on about Mavenlink’s many features, but it’s a powerful RM suite that, despite taking time to master, is easy to use. Mavenlink BI Consultants can create reports for your business using their professional services expertise. They also offer great training resources to help reduce the risks and costs associated with implementation.
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