Software Review: Whiteboard [2015]

General Information
**June 2020: This product appears to have been discontinued. **
Name: Whiteboard
Vendor: Whiteboard, LLC
Hosting options: iPhone/iPad App or website only It is not clear how much it will cost but they will eventually start charging for it.
Languages: English
Currency: n/a
How to manage your task list
Whiteboard is a task-management app. It can only manage large projects, so it is not suitable for large projects.
It is easy to add a task from the app. Just tap the big + button to give your task a name and set the due date. You can also add comments to tasks. I like that you can change the due date for a task to today on the website by clicking on the calendar icon.
Your default home page has two workspaces: Work and Home. This allows you to use the app to keep track everything in your life.
If you have many items and want to see the most recent, your activity stream is where you would start. Your To Do panel displays your active tasks and the things you’ve completed.
To Do panel showing me completed tasks (web).
Additional features: Team workspaces
You can create team workspaces to share tasks with others. Once you have created a team, you can create a workspace. You can upload documents and add To Do items to a workspace. The workspace also has an activity log.
Entering a new task (iPad).
It is very user-friendly and attractive, especially the app version. It’s easy to use and allows you to manage your tasks from anywhere. You can personalize the colors of your workspaces and add photos to team members.
The app version is slow to load, and it’s easy to accidentally delete data. This frustrates because you can’t go back and undo what you have done.
Collaboration features for teams
You can set up email notifications or turn them off if necessary. This is always a great feature. Push notifications can also be sent to the app, if you prefer that method of receiving updates.
It is possible to attach documents to tasks, which helps with collaboration. Although I haven’t tried the app version, it’s nice to know that it is available on my tablet.
Let’s sum it up…
Personally, I don’t like the idea of one app to organize your work and personal life. It blurs the lines between home and work. I don’t like the reminders to return library books appearing during work-related conference call.
Although I don’t believe this will make me forget my To Do lists in a book, I can see it working well for small teams that manage multiple small projects. They might also work independently or virtually for a lot.
It’s a very good task management tool and it’s free. It’s worth signing up if you think you might be looking for a task management tool.