Review and Independent Test of the Best Meeting Minutes Transcription Software

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This article was a huge task. However, I think you’ll be curious about the results of my tests.
Reason8 approached me to test their meeting transcription software. We decided that a market comparison and a review of similar tools would be the best test. So we did.
Reason8 was kind enough to pay me for this piece of work. However, my opinions are my own.
Executive Summary
I tried Reason8, Voicera, and Each one has its pros and cons, depending on how you use them. I wouldn’t trust any one of them to create’real’ meeting notes so you should expect to edit your document afterward, whichever one you choose. now offers a paid plan that meets my needs.
I am a pen-and paper girl.
It’s only been the last year that I started to take minutes of meetings directly into my laptop while I am not in the chair. I don’t believe you can simultaneously chair and type minutes.
I generally take notes when I chair a meeting and then type them up afterward.
However, this is a huge waste and I’ve been called out by colleagues and readers before. There must be a better way.
This article:
Executive Summary
Enter Meeting Minutes Transcription software
Reason8 Overview Overview
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The Test
Meeting Transcription ResultsReason8

Tips for using Meeting Minutes Transcription Software
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Create great meeting minutes

Enter Meeting Minutes Transcription software
There was no other option when I started my career and cultivated my habits. But — ta da! Technology has advanced so much that there are now tools that can transcribe your meetings. No matter what type of project you are involved in, all sessions require some sort of record.
The app will record your meeting and give you the draft minutes. Genius!
But how effective are they? Is editing as difficult as starting from scratch? I wanted to know.
I searched for software that could do in-person transcriptions of meetings. where all participants are present in the room.
These three were the ones we settled on:

All of these apps work on Android and iOS. However, most only support English language at this time. Reason8 supports other languages but is best for American English.

Reason8 Overview
I tested Android version 0.1.6.
Reason8 is an award-winning software that records in-person meetings. The app must be installed on each participant’s phone. There is no desktop version. Here’s how it works.
One participant presses “Host meeting” in the app.
An identification number for a meeting is displayed.
When prompted, other participants will press ‘Join” and enter the meeting ID number.
The phones are kept near their owners.
When you are ready to start, someone presses “Start” to activate the recording.
The recording takes place in the background.
Stop recording the meeting when it is over.
The recording can be accessed via the website.

The app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store, or the Android version from the Play Store. You can get the app for free, which will allow you to get started.
The transcript doesn’t appear on the screen as you speak. Instead, the app does its magic behind-the scenes and combines the recordings from all devices to provide you with the best quality transcript.
Software is worth considering if you want to capture the events at your kickoff meeting or other sessions.
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