New Training: Managing Backups and Restores of Databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

This 22-video intermediate training by SPOTO trainer Garth Schulte focuses on the knowledge systems administrators need in order to maintain continuity and give confidence in your databases. He also covers how to master SQL Server 2016’s backup and restoration processes.
This is a new SQL training.
It’s unlikely that anyone needs to be convinced about how important backups or restorations are for a network or a database. Data is not inviolable. Data can be corrupted, servers can be lost or data centers can go dark and/or hacked. The possibilities of data being lost are frightening. This Managing Backup and Recovery of Databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 training is simple: it ensures that database administrators are familiar with every technique and approach to keeping data safe no matter how large or sensitive they may be.
This three-part series covers topics like creating a test database to practice backups and restores, connecting to multiple instances and databases from the Server Management Studio, as well as restoring backups whenever you need them.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Develop a SQL Server 2016 Backup Strategy
SQL Server 2016 Database Restores
SQL Server 2016: Manage Database Integrity

This training covers the following topics:
Restore databases: Test and automate restores
SQL Server Database Integrity Management
Restore Databases: Restore Filegroups
Point-in-Time Recovery: Restore databases
SQL Server Restore: Restore Databases

This training includes:
2 hours of training
22 videos

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