Mobile Project Management Apps: The Advantages

Apps are used in almost every aspect a person’s life. They provide easy access to information, whether it’s banking, weather or a clock app. According to recent estimates, 95% Americans have a cell phone. An average American spends five hours per day on his smartphone. Smartphones are essential for business success. By 2022, business travel will be worth $1.7 billion. This is combined with employees’ growing expectations for 24/7 accessibility means that employees must be able log in to their work from anywhere they are. Mobile project management apps make it easy to access your software from any device, anytime, anywhere. This article will explain their purpose and help you choose the right app for you.
There is no universal solution to the hype surrounding popular methodologies like agile, lean, scrum, and others. Every team is unique; the workday, requirements, and workflow of each company are different. How do you choose the best mobile project management app? All you need to do is pick an app that meets the following criteria:Compatibility: you need to make sure that the mobile app will work on your employees’ mobile phones. If your company provides iPhones, you must choose an iOS app. You also need to know whether the app works on smartphones or if one that works on tablets too is needed.Functionality: not all project management apps will provide you the same level of functionality as computer-based solutions do. It is important to determine the functions that your team needs to access this app via their smartphone. The app might have functions to view projects, folders and tasks, view dashboards, run reports, create new tasks, add comments and attach files, edit tasks, etc. Mobile apps offer many security options. However, it is important to remember that mobile devices can pose security risks. This app should include database encryptions, security certificate management, and 2-factor authentication to protect your workflow.Collaboration for clients and teams: an app should provide you some level of collaboration to conduct and plan successful projects, such as file sharing, built-in charts, or integrations with tools like Slack. Instant Messaging Cheat Sheet
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Is the interface easy to use or do you need to spend time reading tutorials in order to use basic features?
Is the app flexible enough to allow you to apply?