Juniper JNCIS ENT: Enterprise Routing & Switching Specialist (JN0-348)

This intermediate training video, 129-video, by Knox Hutchinson, covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to configure, monitor, or troubleshoot enterprise networks functionality. He has specialized knowledge of routing protocols, codexes, and concepts.
This is the new JNCIS-ENT training.
The Juniper Networks specialist-level certification in enterprise routing/switching is the JNCIS-ENT. If you are a network administrator working on an enterprise Juniper network, there may not be a better certification.
The JNCIS-ENT certification focuses heavily on Juniper devices and routing and switching technologies, unlike the JNCIA entry-level certification. The JNCIS–ENT certification is a way for network administrators to show their dedication to the craft. Enterprise Routing and Switching Specialist training will provide all the knowledge and skills required to pass it.
This 13-part series discusses topics like VLANs and Layer 2 Junos OS, the protocols that make enterprise routing possible, such as OSPF, Spanning tree, and BGP, as well managing and maintaining high availability on Junos network.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Junos Layer 2 Switching Configuration
Junos Layer 2 Security Configuration
Deploy LACP on Junos Devices
Deploy Multi-Chassis link Aggregations (MCLAG) on Junos Bridges
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), understood and configured
Advanced Routing Concepts for Junos
Junos OSPF Design and Configuration
Junos IS-IS Design and Deployment
Junos Basic BGP Configuration
Learn the BGP Best Path Selection Algorithm

This training covers the following topics:
Cluster List
Allow an IGP to take the GRE
Configuring BGP using IPv6
Summarizing Junos Resiliency
Generate Routes

This training includes:
14-hour training
129 videos

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