Itelligence Boosts Its SAP Offerings With AWS Pact

Itelligence, a SAP services provider, announced this week a collaboration with Amazon Web Services to expand its portfolio of SAP solutions.
The partnership was announced Monday by Itelligence. It aims to provide customers with “solutions for migrating, implement, monitor and manage workloads running on SAP HANA platform and SAP Hybris Commerce,” the company stated.
Itelligence will collaborate with AWS to develop a model that integrates Itelligence’s SAP solutions and AWS. The two companies will collaborate to develop future solutions that include SAP managed services on AWS and migration services to bring SAP customers and SAP S/4HANA customers onto the AWS cloud.
Itelligence stated in a press release that the solutions would allow clients to seamlessly integrate AWS services with their strategy for running SAP software, and run end-to–end managed services for SAP S/4HANA using AWS. Itelligence and AWS offer a joint solution that offers greater flexibility for Web-focused ecommerce platforms like SAP Hybris Commerce. Customers can quickly see their future state with packaged proofs of concept and smooth switching between Itelligence or AWS, which allows them to save valuable resources and allow them to focus on innovation.
Itelligence will also use AWS’ infrastructure to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Itelligence customers can now use AWS to provide additional data protection for SAP workloads. Itelligence will be able to expand its disaster recovery capabilities to other regions around the world through AWS.
“With the ever-increasing importance of SAP S/4HANA both in public and hybrid cloud options, our clients expect secure, hybrid, hyperscale solutions,” Lars Janitz, head, Global Managed Services, Itelligence, stated in a prepared statement. Itelligence and AWS have joined forces to offer hyperscale cloud capabilities and expert knowledge in SAP S/4HANA.