Is the CISA worth it?

Data breaches at corporate offices are on the rise at an alarming pace. Recent hacks have affected Microsoft, Tik Tok and Facebook. These breaches, and many others, were caused by poor security standards or misconfigured security. They were preventable, in other words. Hacks can be caused by negligence up to 93%.
It is not surprising that companies are looking for system auditors who can help them to prevent data breaches. How can an enterprise hire an IT auditor to stop tragedies from happening?
This is where the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification (CISA), comes in. The CISA certificate is a gold-standard certification for IT auditors, along with the CISSP. Although it is considered a gold standard for IT auditors, the CISA certificate might not be a suitable one.
n with your long-term and short-term goals. Let’s talk about what certification by CISA means, what the exam covers, and who should take it.
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Get started trainingWhat is CISA Certification
The governing body for the CISA certification exam is the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. CISA certification is designed to ensure that test takers understand all topics covered in the CISA syllabus. The syllabus outlines five subjects:
Auditing Process for IS (Information Systems).
IT Governance
IS Acquisition Development and Implementation
IS Operations and Business Resilience
Information Assets Protection

CISA-certified individuals should be able to perform sophisticated IT audits on any corporate systems by mastering these five areas.
The test has 150 questions and takes approximately four hours to complete. The CISA covers many topics and costs $760 ($525 for ISACA members). Although it may seem daunting, IT auditing is something you should seriously consider. Although the test is an important part of becoming CISA-certified, it is not the only component. Let’s look at the requirements and prerequisites to becoming certified.
CISA Certification Prerequisites & Requirements
One thing you might notice is that the more prestigious the certification is, the more gatekeeping involved. CISA certificates are no exception. ISACA requires that applicants have at least five years of work experience. ISACA defines “on-the job training” as any activity that falls within at least one of five categories. This certification might not be right for you if you are just starting out in the IT industry or straight out of college.
If five years seems like too much, you don’t have to wait. ISACA offers waivers that can be extended up to two years. If the participant holds an associate’s degree, that will remove one year from the requirement for work experience. A Bachelor’s degree cuts two years off the five-year mandate. A Master’s in IT-related fields takes three years off. You can save a lot of time by going to college. This is subject to the caveat that the applicant must have graduated within the last 10 years.
Passing the CISA Exam
The next prerequisite for CISA certification is passing the exam. It is possible to take the exam without having the required work experience. You won’t be able to claim your certificate until you have completed the required work experience.
Conforming to Information Systems Auditing Standards
Great power comes with great responsibility, as the old saying goes. Once an applicant has mastered the art of applying,