Is the CGEIT worth it?

The best IT networks are not created by themselves. The most complex, fastest networks offer unimaginable speed and power to users. But they also balance these deliverables against risks, costs, and needs. Someone has to balance that act. This person usually holds a CGEIT certification.
Someone creates the framework that leaders, management, and executives use to understand the tradeoffs and benefits of different options. The same person usually transforms that theoretical framework into practical assignments for IT teams.
The CGEIT is a great place to start if you want to be that person, leading enterprise IT networks, and making multi-million dollar decisions.
What is the CGEIT?
ISACA’s CGEIT certification in IT governance is for individuals who are already in leadership and management positions or trying to get there. CGEIT stands to Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT. As you might expect, there is a lot of IT knowledge that falls under this umbrella. CGEIT is a framework-agnostic certification that allows you to step into IT leadership positions in different types and sizes of networks once you have earned it.
ISACA is an international professional association with members from all over the globe, all focused on IT Governance. ISACA offers a variety of certifications to suit different career levels. The CGEIT is intended for executives and managers who want to improve their leadership skills, as well as their ability to manage IT teams. The CGEIT covers the following: establishing and planning frameworks for enterprise IT governance, managing strategic initiatives and identifying the right objectives for various networks, how to balance risk and how to maximize the use of resources to pursue network objectives.
To earn the CGEIT certification, you must pass only one exam. This exam is called the CGEIT exam.
What is the CGEIT Test?
CGEIT is a 4-hour, 150 multiple choice, 150-question test. It has four primary sections, or “domains” as ISACA calls them. The CGEIT exam tests you on the following topics:
Domain 1: Governance Enterprise IT
Domain 2: IT Resources
Domain 3: Realization of Benefits
Domain 4: Risk Optimization

2020 saw a change in the ISACA CGEIT exam. The CGEIT exam was divided into five domains in 2017. However, the CGEIT exam was simplified by ISACA in 2020 to only include the four above-mentioned sections. The CGEIT exam is very detailed, but ultimately it tests your ability as a manager of an enterprise IT network. This includes planning and executing an enterprise governance structure that achieves organizational goals, keeps within budgetary constraints, and manages appropriate risk.
How Much Does the CGEIT Exam Price?
Cost of the CGEIT exam varies depending on whether you are an ISACA member. CGEIT costs $760 to non-members, and $575 to ISACA members. ISACA annual dues cost $135 and new member applications cost $10. Maintaining the CGEIT costs $45 annually for members and $85 for nonmembers.
This means you can apply to become a member, then take the CGEIT. It will cost $710 total. After that, membership will cost $135 per annum and you’ll save $40 on your CGEIT renewal.
What experience do you need for the CGEIT
The CGEIT is framework-agnostic, which means it is meant for executives, managers, and senior IT professionals. This means that you will need a lot of experience before you can be eligible. ISACA will not allow you to take the CGEIT exam without five years of experience in managing, supporting IT-related governance, or serving as an advisor or oversight role.
The most important experience you will need to pass the CGEIT is in establishing and managing an IT governance framework. At least one year of experience in governance must be from the five years.