Is the CDPSE worth it?

The GDPR is now the law in most areas of the internet. Businesses and companies that didn’t previously care about online privacy are now scrambling for robust privacy programs and practices. Even though the EU’s data protection regulation may not be the legal standard, it is still the norm. As time passes, IT professionals who are able to plan, manage, implement, and evaluate data privacy programs and programs will be more valuable. This is what the CDPSE offers.
Not just the European Union, but also individual states in the United States are passing laws that require companies that collect user data to store, use, and process it according strict and specific requirements. Employers can get the CDPSE industry certification to show that they are able to create a data security program to keep them safe digitally and legally.
What is the CDPSE?
CDPSE stands to be Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer. ISACA maintains the CDPSE industry certification. ISACA is an international professional association that is best known for its eight certifications in IT Governance. Their vendor-agnostic certifications have been widely regarded as the gold standard for IT professionals involved in IT governance and management.
The ISACA CDPSE is an experience-based technical certificate and was the first to be offered. The CDPSE certifies that an IT professional can implement privacy by design. This allows organizations to use privacy technology platforms or products with confidence. Digital privacy is a holistic characteristic that can be applied across all aspects of an organization’s production processes, regardless of whether it is manufactured or sold.
Data companies and service providers were the only ones who needed data privacy governance. This has changed. Companies that wouldn’t normally have the resources to support an in-house IT team are now in need of certified data security professionals such as the CDPSE. Retailers, manufacturers, law firms, and marketing companies are all looking for data security professionals to ensure that their websites and data networks safely handle PII.
What is the CDPSE Exam?
ISACA refers simply to the CDPSE exam, which is the exam required for earning the CDPSE. The questions on the exam are not shared by ISACA, but there are three work-related domains in the CDPSE exam.
Domain 1: Privacy governance
Domain 2: Privacy architecture
Domain 3: Data Lifecycle

Each domain requires the ability to create and implement privacy solutions that are in line with specific organizational goals and needs. You must have three years of experience in data security management before you can pass the exam. The exam can be taken at any time. However, you must document your data security experience before you are eligible for the certification. To keep your certification, you must be a current member of ISACA.
What is the cost of the CDPSE Exam?
The cost of the CDPSE exam depends on whether you are a member or not of ISACA. ISACA memberships cost $135 and come with their own benefits. The CDPSE exam costs $575 to ISACA members and $760 to non-members. To be certified and vetted, you will need to pay $50 after you have passed the CDPSE exam. To maintain your good standing, you will still need to pay an annual maintenance fee for members of $45 and nonmembers of $85.
An ISACA member will pay $625 to obtain the CDPSE certification, and $45 per year after that. Nonmembers will pay $810 for the CDPSE and $85 each year thereafter.
What experience do you need for the CDPSE exam?
You must have at least three years experience in a job if you want to earn the CDPSE