Is the CCNP Service Provider worth it?

These networks, which are the most advanced in service provider networks, are truly marvels of engineering. Carrier-grade networks allow you to connect thousands of users around the globe almost simultaneously. They make 21st century life possible. Imagine life without these huge, lightning-fast networks. Applications wouldn’t run, databases wouldn’t be accessed, and users would face slow internet speeds and unreliable connections.
Fortunately, this is not the world we know. Network administrators, network designers, architects, and systems engineers who have been trained in managing the most complex networks in use today are what stand between us and this nightmare dystopia. The CCNP Service Provider certification is one of the most respected in the industry. It demonstrates an advanced level of expertise and training in implementing and supporting enterprise-level carrier grade enterprise networks. The CCNP Service Provider is for advanced networking professionals who work on carrier-grade networks or those who wish to be one.
What is the CCNP Service Provider and how do they work?
Cisco Systems offers the CCNP Service Provider advanced professional certification. It demonstrates proficiency in advanced configuration and management of service provider network services. The CCNP Service Provider certification is a highly regarded and difficult one to obtain. Before a network administrator, engineer, or architect can earn their CCNP service provider certification, they must demonstrate proficiency in implementing and operating Cisco core technologies. They also need to be able to show specialized mastery of one area of service provider network administration, design, or management.
To earn the CCNP Service Provider certification, you must pass two exams. The first is the 350-501 SPCOR. 350-501 is the core exam. However, you can choose from the three concentration exams in addition to the 350-501. The three concentration exams cover industry topics such as advanced routing, VPN services, and automation. You will earn a Specialist certification by passing one of the three concentration exams.
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Start trainingWhat is the CCNP Service Provider Exam?
Every CCNP Service Provider must pass the 350-501 SPCOR core exam. It has five objectives.
Segment Routing and MPLS
Automation and Assurance

Each exam has its own objectives and must be taken in one of the three concentration exams.
300-510 SPRI – Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions
Unicast Routing
Multicast Routing
Routing Policy and Manipulation
Segment Routing and MPLS

300-515 SPVI: Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services
VPN Architecture
Layer 2 VPNs
Layer 3 VPNs

300-535 SPAUTO – Implementing Automation for Cisco Service Provider Solutions
Network Programmability Foundation
Automation Protocols and APIs
Network Device Programmability
Automation and Orchestration Platforms

To earn the CCNP Service Provider certification, you only need to pass one of the concentration exams.
What is the Cost of the CCNP Service Provider Exam?
Each concentration exam costs $300 and the core exam for CCNP Service Provider costs $400. The core exam must be taken and only one concentration exam can be taken. If you pass both, it will cost $700 to earn Cisco’s CCNP Service Provider. Although you may pass the first time, it is not guaranteed. Training or courses can help you prepare. Training costs will vary depending on whether you choose to take online courses or free YouTube videos.
What experience do you need to be a CCNP Service Provider
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