Is the CCNP Data Center worth it?

Data centers are a solution to many long-term problems for a growing number companies around the globe. Data centers are a cutting-edge network, storage, network, and automation technology that can help companies save time, money, as well as manpower. However, it is up to you to install, maintain and optimize all this tech.
You might want to be that person. Can you prove it? The CCNP Data Center certification is a proof of an IT professional’s ability to implement core Cisco data center technologies. It’s a credential that can be used to define many data center careers. Read on to find out if the CCNP Data Center is right for you.
What is the CCNP Data Center and what does it do?
The Cisco Certified Networking Pro – Data Center (or the CCNP Data Center) is a highly respected IT certification. It requires passing an advanced exam on core data center technologies related Cisco networks to earn it.
Cisco publishes and maintains the CCNP family certificates. This means that they reflect Cisco’s expectations for administration, implementation and maintenance. This can be especially helpful for companies that manage large data centers. They can take comfort in knowing their network professionals are “by the book”.
Two exams are required to earn the CCNP Data Center. The first exam is required. You can choose to take the second. The core exam covers core data center tech. Other topics include designing or troubleshooting Cisco data centers infrastructures, implementing an application-centric infrastructure, configuring MDS 9000 Series switches, as well as other topics.
It’s great that you can take as many concentration exams as you want, which will help you get closer to earning your CCNP Data Center certification. Each time you take one of these concentration exams, you earn a specialist certification in the field.
What is the CCNP Data Center Exam?
To earn the CCNP Data Center, you must pass the 350-601 DCCOR as well as a concentration exam. The 350-601 DCCOR exam is a 120-minute exam that has five objectives.
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Six concentration exams are offered in addition to the core exam. Each exam has its own objectives. However, you can identify the specialty by their titles: 300-610DCID – Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure. 300-615DCIT – Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure. 300-625DCSAN – Configuring Cisco MDS9000 Series Switches. 300-630DCACIA – Implementing Cisco Application Central Infrastructure – Advanced. 300-635DCAUTO Implementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions.
How Much Does the CCNP Data Center Exam Price?
The total cost of the CCNP Data Center is $700. The core exam 350-601 DCCOR costs $400. Each of the six concentration exams costs $300. There are no prerequisite exams so these two exams are all you will need.
To make sure you are ready, you will need to take a course before you do this. YouTube videos are free but you can also take paid courses to prepare for the CCNP Data Center. You should add that cost to the $700 required to earn the CCNP Data Center.
What experience do you need for the CCNP Data Center
Cisco does not require any prerequisites to the CCNP Data Center exam. There are also no experience requirements prior to attempting the CCNP Data Center exam. This means that you can take the exam if you are prepared, but it is not difficult.
Experience with core data center technologies is essential for the CCNP Data Center. The CCNP Data Center certifies a network professional for advanced-level roles in data centers. Any experience you have doing work similar to that of the CCNP Data Center will be helpful.