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Blockchain technology is the foundation of cryptocurrency networks. It is the storage of information in various forms, such as payments and transactions. Blocks are used to store information. A Certified Blockchain Expert is a professional with a deep understanding and ability to build Blockchain-based apps for businesses.
The CBE is comprehensive training. It is an exam-based Blockchain certification that aims to give in-depth practical knowledge about Blockchain technology. This certification will also be a competitive advantage for candidates, allowing them to hire quickly and give enterprises confidence.
There are many reasons to take this exam.
First, the exam is recognized worldwide.
This certification also makes the candidate standout amongst non-certified professionals.
Third, Blockchain is an emerging technology that offers a wide range of career opportunities. It enhances the candidate’s employability.
Finally, the candidate can build their own Blockchain business with the knowledge acquired. They can also make huge profits by mining cryptocurrency with their knowledge of Blockchain.
Exam Format
The Certified Blockchain Expert exam will be given for 100 marks. This will be followed by the certification session.
To pass the exam, the candidate must score 60+ (60%) marks.
Candidates who fail to score 60+ marks can retake the exam within one day.
Additionally, there is a limit of three retakes.
The exam costs INR 9,999.
If the candidate fails to score 60+ marks after three attempts, they should contact Blockchain Council for assistance in clearing the exam.
No previous experience is required for the Certified Blockchain Expert Exam. It is expected that you have some knowledge about the following topics.
Basic knowledge in computer science
A passion to learn new technology such as Blockchain
Awareness Blockchain and cryptocurrency overview and the most recent updates.
Certification Blockchain Expert Exam
This highly regarded exam has the following objectives:
Introduction to Blockchain
First, what is Blockchain?
Secondly, why Blockchain is a Distributed Public-Private Network?
There are also benefits to using Blockchain Technology
Ensuite, what are the different Blockchain technologies?
Let’s conclude with Bitcoin and Blockchain: What’s the relationship?
Blockchain Ecosystem
First, Blockchain Architecture
Also, components of the Blockchain Ecosystem
Additionally, you will find Blocks, Wallets, and Addresses
Eventually, Public and Private Keys were created.
Merkle Tree and Hashing are also available
Eventually, Cryptography and Blockchain Algorithms were developed.
Additionally, transaction execution & distribution
Finally, Types of Blockchain
Blockchain Mining
First, what is Blockchain mining?
Secondly, Types and types of mining
Lastly, what are miners?
Privacy and Security
Firstly, what are Smart Contracts?
Secondly, what is Consensus?
Also, Types Of Consensus Algorithms
Your own Blockchain
Create your own blockchain solution
Use Cases
First, Blockchain in Supply Chain
Secondly, Blockchain in Manufacturing
Third, Blockchain in Automobiles
Blockchain in Healthcare
Then, Blockchain in Cybersecurity
Blockchain in the Financial Industry
What makes the Certified Blockchain Expert Exam so difficult?
The Certified Blockchain Expert Exam is not technical in nature so it is accessible to all. A background in computer science may be an advantage for some of the exam’s target audience. Particularly, Investment Banker, Advisors & Consultants. Programmers & developers. Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts. Security Professionals. Application Architects. Venture Capitalists. Angel & Seed Investors. Blockchain experts are essential for maintaining security in the