Excel Data Visualization Capabilities Enhanced with Power BI

Excel 2016 has new features that enhance data visualization. Excel 2016 compiles data from the SQL Server, Analysis Server and Reporting Services. The data is then processed and consolidated. Excel integrates Power BI Designer to share useful insights into end-user’s graphical dashboards and new charts. This integration supports business processes and improves business ROI.
Power BI Custom Visuals:
Power BI Custom Visuals allow users to quickly create a variety of visualizations. Microsoft Excel 2016 has released the Power BI Custom Visuals feature for Office 365 subscribers. This will allow users to increase their data visualization capabilities and offer more options. The visualization capabilities integrate data analysis tools that are highly regarded around the globe.
This new development allows developers from all corners of the globe to use Power BI Visuals repo and various open-source technologies (such JavaScript) to reach a wider audience. Power BI custom visuals offer Excel developers and users many other benefits.
* In-parallel visualizations with intuitive insertion experience
* Custom-tailored visual store
* MS Excel has extensive UI Controls
* Data visualization support for enterprise-level organizations
* The reusability and reuse of custom visuals that are created and distributed to Power BI and MS Excel users
Power BI: Save Time
Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for data analytics that can be used to assist businesses in making intelligent and creative decisions. Excel provides enhanced data visualization and analytics capabilities through Power BI fusion. Both applications can be combined to quickly collect, revise and analyze data efficiently.
Power BI integrations can help Excel developers and users in many ways, including:
* Transfer Excel data models, queries and reports to an interactive Power BI dashboard without hassle
* Power Pivot-configured data resources can be auto-refreshed using the Schedule Data Refresh feature in Power BI
* Multiple Excel workbooks sharing on the Power BI dashboard. This includes data from different sources and presenting a variety of data, tables and charts.
* Interactive visualizations and natural-language processing features to empower Excel data model with reports
* R scripts and R powered custom visuals to expand the capabilities of modeling, custom visualizations at an advanced level, as well as advanced predictive-analytics workflows.
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