Exam PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Study Guide Blog

Long term learning and deep understanding of all concepts is a key strategy to prepare for Microsoft exams such as PL-900 Exam. No cramming allowed. Although cramming sessions can give you great results, However, it is risky and not a long-term strategy.
It’s been quite some time since high school students realized that cramming sessions worked well. This is because these cramming sessions are not likely to pass the certification exam. Certification exams require more than that. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for the PL-900 exam. First, let’s go over the details of the exam. This will ensure that you are clear on everything. The Microsoft PL-900 exam overview is the first stop.
What is the Microsoft PL-900 Exam Exam?
Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-910) examis for candidates who can improve productivity by understanding Power Platform capabilities and automating basic business processes using Power Automate. Candidates must be able to perform basic data analysis using Power BI to produce business insights.
Skills Enhancement
Candidates who apply for the exam will improve their skills and knowledge in a variety of ways:
They will be able describe the Power Platform components such as Power Apps and Power BI, as well as Microsoft Automate.
Candidates will be able to describe the Power Platform component, which includes Connectors, Common Data Service, and AI Builder.
They are taught to use cross-cloud scenarios with M365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure.
Candidates will be able to identify the benefits and capabilities offered by Power Platform, including basic functionality and business value Power Platform components.
They will be able to use Microsoft Automate, Power BI and Power Apps to create simple solutions.
Learning Objective
The PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam tests the candidate’s understanding of the business value of Power Platform as well as the core components of Power Platform. Microsoft also provides exam objectives to help candidates understand the concepts and prepare for the exam. These exam concepts are divided into sections and subsections so you can learn more about them. Microsoft provides training resources for PL-900 that will help you learn the material and provide a learning path. The basic concepts are:
Description of the business value of Power Platform and PowerBI.
Identifying the core components for the Power Platform.
Describe the business value of Power Apps & Power Automate.
Demonstrating the business benefits of Power Virtual Agents
Learning PathLearning Path
Microsoft offers candidates access to the PL-900 Learning Path that helps them understand the concepts in a step-by-step format. Candidates will learn about the Power Platform’s business value and product capabilities for the PL-900 Exam. They will also be able create a Power App, connect data using Common Data Service, create a Power BI Dashboard and automate a process using Microsoft Automate. These learning paths allow candidates to improve their skills by using modules such as:
The Microsoft PL-900 Exam Course Outline has been updated on March 10, 2021.
The Basics of Power Platform
Introduction to Common Data Service & Power Apps
Process for building an app solution.
Introduction to Power Automate & Power BI
Building a simple dashboard
Step-by-step Study Guide to help you pass the PL900 exam
To cover all aspects of studying for certification exams, it would take more than one article. This topic could fill a book, and it is not very exciting. When it comes to certificationexam preparation, there are some key truisms that every candidate should know.
Let’s get to the point now that we have cleared all the air.
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Microsoft Learning Platform
Candidates can access the Microsoft Learning Platform to obtain information about the exam by using the learning materials. These study materials can be accessed via the official exam page for the PL-900 exam. Candidates just need to search for the PL900 exam to find the necessary information that will assist them in understanding the material better.
Microsoft docs
Microsoft offers candidates access to its documentation library, orMicrosoft Documents. Candidates will be able to learn about the business value of Power Platform and its product capabilities by using Microsoft Docs. They will be able enhance their skills with:
A Power App is a simple way to create one
Data connectivity with the Common Data Service
Building a Power BI Dashboard
Automate your process with Microsoft Automate
Candidates will also learn about the different pricing scales for different Power platform services by using the modules. Microsoft Docs modules will allow candidates to learn a lot about the Microsoft Power platform as well as the various services in a particular order.
Instructor-led Training
Microsoft offers instructor-led training courses to assist candidates in their preparation. This Microsoft PL-900 training course was created for candidates preparing to take the PL-900 exam. It teaches them how to automate business processes, analyze data to generate business insights, and create simple apps to increase productivity. This short course will teach them about Power Platform’s various capabilities, including how to create and build a Power BI Dashboard using automatin.