Don’t think you know anything about project management training

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The project management training courses only provide a small portion of what you will need to succeed in your job.
We are changing the script. This profession has been about getting certification and proving that you have passed an exam for too long.
Let’s get the facts straight about what it takes for a project management career to be successful. This means that you need to have the skills and confidence to work with senior executives without feeling like an assistant.
Spoiler alert! It’s not about taking another course.
Yes, I do. This is because I am a course creator. My courses are available for purchase. I teach project management. My friends are excellent teachers of project management. I don’t think training is a bad thing.
Exams are not the end of professional development. They don’t necessarily mean that you will suddenly be able to supercharge your career.
Are you ready to forget everything you thought you knew about project management courses in order to have a successful career.
There are many ways to learn project management. There are also general Project Management 101 classes. There are two types of exam-based classes: the Project Management Professional (PMP(r) exam or PRINCE2 (r), which are both popular options for the discerning PM. There are topic-based courses that go deep into the subject, such as my masterclass on stakeholder engagement.
When I started my career, I took an in-house course in project management. I still have the notes and the PRINCE2 (r) exam. It is amazing to think of all the modern benefits such as the PRINCE2 (r) exam simulator. Instead of having to study past papers and write essays by hand, I would have preferred that.
However, I did both of them after I got the job.
Since then, I have continued to learn about project management.
To be successful at your job, you don’t have to spend a lot on training in 100 different subjects. This is a topic I am passionate about, and it might make me a little animated.
Many project managers (or wannabes) send me messages asking for advice on which course to take, especially at the graduate level. People often have preconceived notions about what it takes for a successful career in project management. This includes getting tons of certifications, from certificates they’ve heard so much about, to Master’s degrees. They may have these ideas:
I need a degree as a project manager.
Without the PMP certification, I will not be able to get a job.
Before I can get a job, I must have X years experience.
I have a certificate in X from that person so I also need one.

It’s exhausting to try and meet arbitrary requirements for what a “good” career looks like.
I am aware that the world has changed and project management is a rapidly evolving discipline. Since 2000, when I started my first project management job, a lot has changed. However, the core of the job hasn’t changed.
It doesn’t mean that you should follow the same path as others.
Maybe you didn’t get the confidence you wanted from the training.
Maybe your boss didn’t offer you a life-changing raise when you passed your exam.
Although your class may have covered technical skills, no one in your office cares about your beautiful documentation. Your entire day is spent managing office politics.

The right career support can make a big difference in your life. You can make a difference in your life by finding a way to improve your professional skills.
Project management training goes beyond the classroom. It’s about finding the things that interest you and the things that you want to improve at, and then digging into them in a way that suits you.