Difference between Cloud Solutions Architect & Cloud Security Architect

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Many people and organizations searching for cloud opportunities are often confused about the differences between a Cloud Solutions Architect and Security Architect. Cloud Security Architect roles are highly sought after by digital enterprises. Cloud computing has opened up new file storage, privacy and connectivity possibilities. Cloud Solutions Architect is a type of cloud security expert who has completed AWS certification training. This is due to the growing number of organizations migrating their services and solutions to the cloud. This article will explain the differences between Security Architect and Cloud Solutions Architect. They are cloud specialists–establishing and supervising the organization’s cloud computing infrastructure–including mapping cloud adoption strategy, software architecture, cloud administration, surveillance, etc. It also entails monitoring the needs for application architecture and the deployment of applications in cloud environments.A cloud solution architect actively uses their knowledge of contemporary software development processes and technology to build services that use the latest innovations and architectures to provide services that match clients’ needs.Responsibilities of Cloud Solutions ArchitectThe responsibilities of the Solutions Architect include:
To define your business requirements, you should interact with different stakeholders
Learn more about the current technology environment
Document the requirements and possible solutions
Get a deep understanding about the obstacles in your project
Make a plan to find the solution using the right AWS services and technology.
Ensure compliance with security, performance, or other types of compliance
Supervise the cloud solution development/implementation process
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Without understanding the responsibilities of aSecurity Cloud Architect, a discussion about Cloud Architect vs Solution Architect responsibilities will be futile. A Cloud Security Architect manages and executes hygiene and cloud security evaluations for existing clients. They also develop security audits and other research. They support IT teams in the design, creation, and management of cloud-based security solutions. Cloud Security Architects also create guidelines and policies for cloud-based security solutions.
Responsibilities for Cloud Security Architect The following are the responsibilities of Cloud Security Architect:
Cloud security solutions can be designed to protect data stored on the cloud. These measures include authentication techniques, encryption and access management.
To keep the organization’s cloud security system up-to-date, it is important to develop new protocols regularly
Responsible for installing and maintaining security software in the organization
Responsible for raising awareness about security and sharing security tips to employees
Staying current with the latest threats and finding solutions
Responsible for ensuring that the security architecture of the company is compatible with the business goals.
Cloud SecurityArchitect vs Cloud Solutions Architect – Differences
Cloud Solutions Architect
Cloud Security Architect
They design and construct the cloud infrastructure that transforms business goals into technology solutions.
They design and build security solutions to protect computing devices.