CTT+, MCT and ACT are the best IT trainer certifications

There are many jokes and a saying about teachers who quit their jobs to teach. Don’t forget that! You can make jokes all you want, but it’s a great idea to become an IT trainer. Here’s why:
Teaching may be the right choice for you
High salaries are a reason why many people choose IT careers. IT professionals can hate their jobs, it is not unusual. While IT professionals may love their paycheck, they may not like the corporate IT environment. They may also not be as passionate about advanced infrastructure, routing, and networking. These IT professionals are unlikely to quit their jobs after investing a lot of money, time and effort in their education. But, a miserable job can make your life difficult. If this sounds like you, you can easily change your career and life by becoming an IT trainer.
Many companies don’t realize the value of a certified, intelligent and certified tech instructor to keep their IT staff up-to-date and informed. Loyal employees are kept motivated and productive, while short-term workers can work without worry because they are able to keep their employability relevant. A qualified IT trainer makes a significant contribution to the company’s overall performance and efficiency.
Instructors are often found in the company naturally. A team leader who does a lot in instruction may be a good candidate for the job. You should consider obtaining an IT trainer certification if this sounds like you. CompTIA’s CTT+ (Certified Tech Trainer+), Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), and the Apple Certified Trainer(ACT) are the most popular. Cisco’s CCSI is also an option if you already have a CCNA, which is required for CCSI. These certifications are a great way to validate your IT training skills.
CompTIA Certified Technical Instructor+
CompTIA is well-known for its solid vendor neutral certifications that provide learners foundational but applicable knowledge. The CTT+ is no exception. The CTT+ certification is supported by companies such as Dell, IBM Ricoh, Microsoft and the US Department of Defense.
CTT+ is an international vendor-neutral certification. It covers core instructor skills such as preparation, presentation, communication and facilitation in both traditional and virtual classroom environments.
CCT+ candidates must pass CompTIA CTT+ Essentials TK0-201 and at least one of two designations: Classroom trainer or virtual classroom trainer. You will need to submit a recording or video of your classroom or virtual classroom sessions.
The exam covers the preparation of the course, media and methods for instructional delivery, instructor credibility, communications and group facilitation, and evaluation of the training event.
Here you can find training materials to prepare for CompTIA CTT+ Essentials: Exam TK0-201.
Candidates must achieve a mini mum score of 655 on the CompTIA CTT+ exam and a minimum score 36 on the Classroom or Virtual Class Trainer to be certified. Candidates should also have 6-12 months of experience in training.
CTT+ is an excellent way to get started in IT training. Other credentials can be built on it. Candidates can also deepen their training expertise with one of these credentials – their CV will still make sense.
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).
Microsoft is an IT certification provider that doesn’t require much introduction. An MCT (Microsoft Certified Training) is a great option if you have Microsoft credentials. MCP is a very exclusive group of technical trainers that combines the benefits and membership that offers a wide range Micros.