Brexit: Let’s get over it and move on

Many executives are in constant uncertainty about the impact of Brexit drama on their businesses.
Business leaders across the country are being tested like never before. However, professional careers face even greater pressure and higher stakes. The performing arts, professional sport, and military all have high levels of uncertainty and extreme pressure. These insights can be useful for current business leaders.
Sporting Edge, a high-performance business and sports psychology consultancy, has interviewed some of the most respected leaders in elite sport, military, performing arts, and behavioural science to gain insights that business leaders can use in dealing with uncertainty and pressure that comes with not knowing the UK’s future trading relationship.
Business leaders will be tested in extreme environments that will test their character and mindset as well as their skills. This is not the time to be afraid or imposter syndrome. It is the time to be clear, courageous, and lead.
Executives will realize that their decisions can have a significant impact on their reputation and the livelihoods of their staff. It is a heavy responsibility that will have a negative impact on their judgment, communication, and personal well-being.
Personal perception is the key to stress and pressure. The mindset must be the same regardless of whether you are a CEO reporting directly to City investors or a commanding officer on the battlefield, or a Premier League football manager facing relegation. These skills are essential for leaders and their teams to succeed in these crucial moments.
The following are four key tips from Sporting Edge for business leaders who are struggling with uncertainty:
Don’t blame others, accept the situation.
There are many people you can blame for our current predicament: the electorate, David Cameron, the EU, MPs in Westminster and the Prime Minister. If this is what you are doing then get over it!
Leaders who are successful don’t waste their time blaming others. While it may win them sympathy, it is a wasteful use of energy and a waste on their time. Uncertainty is a source of opportunity, so take control of the situation and create a plan to make the most of it.
Pressure is a privilege
You have earned the important job title and a high salary because you are able to handle difficult situations. Are you feeling the pressure? It’s normal to feel pressure. Even top athletes can get anxious and have self-doubt.
It is how you handle pressure that matters. One consoling thought is that these are the days you’ll be most proud to look back on.
Teams that can talk about pressure have the best chances of succeeding. It is liberating for individuals and invaluable for team members to create psychological safety for others to voice their concerns and make full contributions.
Don’t micromanage – enable
Leaders must look up and out of their organizations to keep them on the right track and not get lost in the details of executing a long list of tasks.
Micro-management is becoming more expensive due to the rapid pace of change and disruption. Even if you are desperate for great results, resist the temptation to get into every detail and empower your talented team to solve this challenge together.
Be flexible, not fixed
Leaders who are able to bring together diverse teams of project managers to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in rapidly changing situations are essential.
It is impossible to predict all the problems that you will encounter. Instead, prepare your teams so that they can quickly assess and respond.
Spo director is Jeremy Snape