AWS Training and Certification: Developing Cloud Skills

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused human tragedy, a slowdown of commercial activities, and adversely affected businesses across all industries. It has also highlighted the importance of cloud computing, cloud skills and certification.
All sizes of organizations are moving their employees to the cloud. The goal? Enable work-and-learn-from-home instead of physical offices. Although the coronavirus-induced restrictions may be temporary, cloud adoption is expected to continue growing.
94% of all enterprises use a cloud service.
67% of enterprise infrastructure and 83% enterprise workloads will be cloud-based by the end of the year.
The top three sectors that plan to spend the most on cloud computing services are manufacturing, professional services, banking, and insurance.
The market for public cloud services could reach $623.3 million by 2023.
“Cloud is now what I call the new norm.” It’s no longer an experiment, it’s not an after-thought.” – AWS.
Cloud computing is now mainstream. The cloud is a growing trend that is undisputed. It is the future.
You can prepare for many career opportunities by acquiring in-demand cloud skills. It prepares you for many career opportunities, whether you are a manager or a business owner.
AWS, an Amazon subsidiary is the undisputed leader in providing on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals and organizations on a subscription basis. It allows organizations to use web service for building complex and scalable applications.
The best public cloud provider for enterprises.
32.4% is the largest market share.
With a 34% increase rate, Q4 2019’s revenue was $9.95 billion.
AWS Certification and Training Offers Many Benefits
AWS is the most popular cloud platform and a leader with a significant lead.
It expands at a rate that is faster than all its competitors combined.
It is expected to see a remarkable acceleration in its adoption.
For cloud infrastructure implementation, organizations value AWS certified professionals who are well-trained and AWS certified.
AWS-certified professionals can expect to earn an average annual salary of $129,000.
A Solutions Architect AWS certification could earn you $148,000+ per year.
Salaries could reach as high as $173 719
Get AWS Certified
AWS Certifications
Role-based certifications are Cloud Practitioner, Cloud Developer, Cloud Practitioner, and Operations.
Specialty certifications: Technical areas.
Foundation-level Certification:
AWSCloud Practitioner .
Associate-level Certifications:
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate.
AWS Certified Developer Associate
Professional-level Certifications:
AWS Solutions Architect – Professional.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer -Professional.
Specialty Certifications
AWS Certified Security – Specialty.
AWS Certified Machine Learning-Specialty.
AWS Certified Data Analytics-Specialty.
AWS Certified Database – Specialty.
For the most current information, you should visit the official AWS website.
Conclusion & Why NetComLearning?
Linkedin calls cloud computing the most in-demand skill. Recent surveys revealed that 59% expect cloud usage will exceed their previous estimates due to COVID-19. The cloud is now being viewed as a digital transformation engine that can improve business continuity.
AWS is used by at least half the early-stage cloud users. It is also the first choice for 93% cloud beginners. Multiple global companies run their entire software environment in the AWS cloud.
Every day, more companies migrate to AWS. AWS’s cost savings, scalability, and technical expertise are in high demand.
AWS certifications are always a smart investment. Three AWS certifications are among the top ten highest-paid in North America. AWS certification is a smart step to increase your employability in today’s cloud-oriented IT industry. AWS certification demonstrates your expertise and increases your credibility with employers and peers.
There are clear rewards to investing resources in getting your employees AWS certified. These employees help to identify and reduce risk while implementing AWS projects. AWS-certified employees can help you grow your business. It is one of the criteria to achieve higher tiers of APN membership (AWS Partner Network). APN membership allows you to access a variety of benefits, including training subsidies and usag