Agile Fundamentals: A One-Step Guide for Agile Projects

Webinar Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Webinar Timings: 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM EST | 40 minutes

Because of its flexibility, Agile has been a popular method for project management. Standish Group Chaos’ 2020 study shows that Agile projects are twice the likely to succeed than traditional project management. Agile project management has quickly evolved and is now a preferred option for many project managers, regardless of industry.
Agile methodologies allow for seamless project management. It provides flexible and transparent solutions that can be used to meet the demands of modern projects. It provides high returns on business value creation for stakeholders and improves quality, engagement with all stakeholder groups, and quality focus. Agile is a key component of modern business management and a prerequisite for organizations with a futuristic outlook.
The AGILE frameworks have replaced the old Command & Control methods with clearly defined documentation processes. This framework facilitates collaboration between teams, businesses, and stakeholders. It also helps in overall efficacy and focuses on speeding up projects. This webinar will cover all of these aspects and make it a fascinating and engaging program.
AGILE Project Management
Agile Project Management is gaining popularity as it delivers business value quickly to stakeholders. NetCom Learning is a leader in providing training and preparations in these domains. We offer the following courses to help you and your team improve your skills:
Agile Project Management extends the principles of traditional project management and standard methodologies for managing multiple projects. However, the scope of AGILE scope is dynamic and rigid. Project requirements change constantly, so it requires more proactive and involved project management.

To Agile and Scrum Methodologies combines the principles of standard AGILE methodologies with the SCRUM framework to demonstrate the AGILE methods, approaches and benefits. After successful completion of the course, participants can earn PDUs.

To Agile for Executives is designed to empower professionals in management and executive roles to adopt AGILE practices towards streamlining and simplifying complex tasks. They will be able to eliminate uncertainty, improve project processes, and save time and money.

To Agile for Product Owners explains the nuances of introducing AGILE methods in project management strategies. This represents a fundamental shift in the way teams and individuals communicate, collaborate and operate. For better results, both the technology and business teams must have an agile mindset.

The SCRUM Team Training course focuses on the most important and neglected area of training development teams in order to fully understand their roles. Participants are taught that AGILE project delivery is very different from traditional Waterfall methods. Therefore, it is important to train them in the SCRUM methods of the AGILE spectrum. This will allow them to collaborate effectively with business teams.

About the AGILE Webinar
The webinar is free to all registered participants. The webinar will explore the topic of Agile and address common misconceptions. It will also highlight common mistakes made by professionals. The trainer at NetCom Learning is a certified trainer who has extensive experience in all aspects of Agile project management.
Unique feature: Participants can earn 1 PDU for attending this webinar. This webinar has been approved by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. This can be used to support your continuing education.
AGILE Webinar Agenda
The following is the agenda for the webinar:
What is Agile?

Common Agile misconceptions & mistakes?

Major advantages & disadvantages?

Overview of SCRUM

Q&A session with speaker

About the Trainer
The webinar will be hosted and moderated by Mr. Soumik, a Subject Matter Expert (SME), in Project Management with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He is an expert in the latest Project Management tools, but his current focus areas include Team Management, Task Tracking and Problem Solving, Client Interaction and Process Implementation.
Soumik is very well-received by audiences and follows a unique mentoring model. As a d