Advance your career as an EC-Council Certified Security Associate (ECSA).

ECSA is a respected penetration testing program. It focuses on testing operating systems, modern infrastructures and application environments. The program also trains candidates how to create professional penetration testing reports. EC-Council ECSA certification is a step above CEH’s tools and methods. It uses the published penetration testing methodology of the EC-Council.
Overview of EC-Council ECSA certification
The updated ECSA v10 exam features updated curricula as well as a industry-recognized comprehensive step by step penetration testing methodology. This allows learners to improve their ability to implement new skills through extensive practical labs.
The ECSA offers a variety of comprehensive methods that can be used to address different pen testing requirements in different verticals, which is a departure from other pen testing programs that follow a generic kill chain method.
ECSA v10 Exam Information
EC-Council ECSA Exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 4 hours. 70% is the minimum passing score.
You can retake the exam if you fail to pass the first time. After that, you must allow 14 days for cooling between each attempt. An ECSA exam cannot be repeated more than five times per year.
Who should obtain ECSA Certification
Hackers who are ethical

Penetration Testers

Security testers

Administrators of network servers

Firewall administrators

System administrators and professionals in risk assessment

Why should you obtain EC-Council Security Analyst Certification (ECSA)?
Developed industry-accepted comprehensive pen testing standards across 44 domains

Incorporate advanced topics like Cloud, Mobile, Virtual Machine pen testing

Maps to NICE’s Protect, Defend, Operate, Collect, and Analyze Specialty Area category

All requirements of the National Information Assurance Training Standard for erfüllt

Information Systems Security Officers (CNSS – 4014) and National Training Standard for System Certifiers(NSTISSI – 4015)

How ECSA Certification Can Help Your Cybersecurity Career
ECSA Certification is globally recognized
Employees are looking for people who can protect their sensitive data from being stolen or infiltrated due to the increasing number of cyberattacks. This skill and experience is demonstrated by the ECSA. This is because a security analyst plays an important role in the defense of the world’s ever-growing cyberattacks.
An EC-Council ECSA certification allows you to practice your skills anywhere in the world without being restricted to any one region. It is difficult to obtain an ECSA certificate and candidates must pass rigorous tests to be certified. This makes it a rare qualification. This certification gives you an advantage in the cybersecurity industry and speeds up your career.
You can set your own pace
It is not surprising that the 12 modules of the ECSA certificate will be difficult to master, given their high demand and usefulness. However, fret not! You have the option to learn and complete the modules at your own pace through the EC-Council.
It is worth the investment to get ECSA certified. ECSA certification can lead to a promotion in your current job and a salary increase that is almost immediate compared to not being certified.
How to prepare for the EC-Council ECSA Exam

1. Create a Study Plan
You now know what you need to study and the ECSA topics you should be studying. This is the first step in distributing your time and ability to study each day. Study plans help you to not neglect any subject or course. As you will be following the plan strictly, you must be realistic in your design of the study plan. Being unrealistic could result in you not capturing as much knowledge. You need to know how much information you can absorb each day. Planning hours when you are not working would be a great idea if you are employed.
2. Find out more about the EC-Council Exam ECSA
It is important to understand all information once you have decided to take the EC-Council ECSA test. This information can be found on the official ECSA website. It provides information about the certification process and regulations, as well as details about the exam’s structure and duration. The site may also provide information about the eligibility criteria for the exam. You can also refer to the site during your preparations to assist you with the ECSA syllabus. You can visit the ECSA Exam FAQs site to ask any questions about the exam.
3. Study with a Study Guide
You can learn how to prepare for the ECSA exam.