Additional Recurring Task Intervals

Stroopwaffles can be more fun than reports or taxes, but that doesn’t mean you should lose weight. Are you ready to pick the date?
This colleague loves to travel and always brings us amazing sweets. Last time, it was a box full of Scottish shortbread cookies. It was a bag of mini stroopwafels this time. We always remember to ask her for sugary delights, even though she only visits us once in a blue Moon. We do. Project management is a different world. Here, we prefer being reminded. Even better, we prefer automation. We know when tasks will occur and how long it takes to complete them. We can’t think about those tasks every day and we don’t have the time to look at a stack of post-it notes reminding us. Automation is the future. Recurring intervals
After reviewing all of the feedback we received from you (yes, every one!) This is the final option for recurring intervals. It’s a great way to get rid of even more work! Tax reports are done quarterly. Your client requests a report every other week (even or odd). Your Office Manager must check supplies every week. It’s simple. It’s simple.
It is hard work to create the same or similar tasks over and over again. It can be hard work to remember the start and due dates, people involved, items required, etc. It’s okay to be busy to make Real Work happen. It is not okay to spend all of your time doing busy work. Task automation enters the picture. Automation gives us more time to do real work and less time to spend on ourselves. Disclaimer: You use it at your own risk. We know that creating a recurring task would be a wonderful way to open up a new world of sweet drops of paradise for our colleague. We also know what sugar overdose looks like.