7 Skills that are in-demand that you can add to your resume in 14 weeks

What was the last time you added 3-4 words to your resume and found a whole new world of job opportunities?
Millions of job applications are rejected each day because recruiters only look for a few key words in a resume. If they don’t see them, it’s straight to trash bin.
How can you find out what words they are looking at and how can you add them to your resume quickly without lying?
LinkedIn examines the most in-demand skills companies seek in the job market every year. Some of these skills require years and work experience, certifications, and some are not possible to learn with a 14-week coding bootcamp.
These are the skills that you can add to your resume after completing a 14-week Coding Dojo Bootcamp.

Cloud Computing
As instantaneous data access becomes a standard for all areas of life, so does the demand for cloud-savvy people.
How Coding Dojo helps you get there: The most important part of bootcamp is learning EC2 for Amazon Web Services. This is the most used language for cloud computing.
Scientific Computing
Without the ability to use data for company goals, it is useless. This is why scientific-computing skills are so important for most companies.
How Coding Dojo helps you get there: Bootcamp is designed to teach you the basics of algorithm concepts such as sorts, recursion, and data structures like arrays and SLLs, binary search tree, graphs, and many more.
Software Testing
It is important to verify that a product, website, or app is working before you deploy it. This stage of the product development process is crucially important for developers.
Coding Dojo is the way to get there: You will be fluent in debugging code across multiple languages like Python, C-Sharp, and Javascript by the end of bootcamp.

Collaboration and adaptability
It can be difficult to work with people, even for the simplest tasks. It is crucial for developers to be able and willing to work together on the most difficult projects.
How Coding Dojo helps you get there: All your projects are run on Github — mirroring what you will use in the real world.
Data Science
Spoiler alert: Data Scientist is the most sought-after job title in the world. It all starts with knowing how to code.
How Coding Dojo helps you get there: By the time you finish bootcamp, you will be fluent in Python, the language of data science.
Artificial Intelligence
Spoiler alert: Artificial Intelligence is the buzziest tech industry. It’s built on code.
How Coding Dojo helps you get there: Python, which is covered in depth in bootcamp, is crucial for AI.
Game Development

The video game industry generates more revenue than streaming services or the movie industry, even though you might not be aware of it. Smart companies, large and small, have noticed.
How Coding Dojo can help you get there: Coding Dojo alumni are fluent in C-Sharp and have made the easy switch to Unity, which is used by most game developers.
The Thrills of Skills
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