2022 PMP Salary: What Can You Expect From PMP Certification in 2022?

It’s important to evaluate the salary for PMP certification before you make the big decision to take on the PMP exam. This post will discuss what PMP certification salary is. It is up to you to decide if it is worth your time. We will therefore discuss the PMP salary in different ways. The salary for PMP certification is determined by the experience level, title, company size, and other factors.
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PMP Certification: The basics
The PMP certification salary increase is the most attractive fruit hanging from the PMP tree branch. Let’s first find out what the root of this tree is. What are the PMP requirements for candidates? You can start if you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree and 4500 hours of experience in leading or directing projects. To be eligible for the most sought-after project manager certification, PMP certification, you will need to complete 35 hours of PMP training.
These prerequisites will allow you to apply for PMP certification. You can also prepare for the exam parallely with your preparations. You can schedule your exam between Monday and Friday depending on the available slots. To assess your performance and time management skills, you can use PMP Question Bank to help you.
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The exam lasts four hours and includes multiple choice questions. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. When you submit your answers and complete your exam, you will immediately see the result. If you want to increase your PMP certification salary, you will need to practice with online pmp exams. You would use the financial appraisal methods as a project manager to determine if this PMP certification is feasible for you.

Salary for PMP Increase
You can expect a 20% increase in your PMP salary for project managers who are PMP certified. This compares to a PMP manager who is not certified. There is a clear PMP certification salary increase of 20%. These numbers are not conjured up, but you can get this straight from the PMI ninth edition salary survey. What is the basis for this PMP certification salary survey. This PMP certification salary information is compiled from 26,000 project managers across 34 countries, who made a declaration about the PMP salary increase.
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What salary would you earn if you became a PMP after you completed the PMP program? You may be able to make up to $111,000 as a PMP, while you could make $91,000 per annum if certified. What if you’re not from the United States? The median salary in the world is $81000 per annum. This number does not take into account different roles or experience levels for PMPs. According to the survey results, you could see a 20% increase in your PMP certification salary.
Project Managers by country
Let’s take a look at the top ten countries for salary increases due to PMP certification:
Data source: PMI’s PMP Salary Survey Report 9th Edition. The chart above shows that you get the highest salary for being a PMP if you live in Switzerland. The United States is third on the list, while the United Arab Emirates is tenth.
Your experience will determine the salary of a Project Manager
Would you expect your PMP certification salary to increase if you have more experience in project management? Yes, but the increase isn’t uniform across countries. Singapore is at the top of the list. The difference in PMP certification salaries between a project manager who is three years and twenty years old is quite significant.