20 Ways to Celebrate Your Work Success

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When was the last time that you celebrated a significant milestone at work? Or just celebrate the fact that you made it through another day on a challenging project.
I don’t think that we do this enough. Here are 20 ways you can celebrate success at work together with your team, including virtual celebrations.
This article:
Ideas for team celebrations in person Meal out
2. Drinks outside
3. Bowling and other competitive games
4. Activities that are not competitive
5. Escape room
6. Picnic

Virtual celebrations for your team7 Virtual scavenger hunt
8. Online quizzes
9. Virtual magic show
10. Virtual comedy club
11. Virtual escape room

Ideas that work in every environment Say “Thank You!”
13. Time off
14. A letter from your sponsor
15. Gift vouchers
16. Company scheme
17. Supplier gifts
18. You can gift from you
19. Coffee card
20. A book

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Ideas for team celebrations in-person
Let’s first look at how you can bring your team together for a celebration.
1. Take-out meals
My experience is that this works well in small teams of fewer than 20 people. Even though I have only attended a few of these, a meal out with 150 colleagues can turn into a large event where you just sit with your friends and chat.
It’s frustrating that the host doesn’t get around to talking to everyone, which defeats the purpose of a personalized thank-you. It’s also very expensive to take people out to dinner these days. It can work for small teams.
2. Drinks outside
Drinks out are cheaper than eating out and work well when there is a large group of people involved. One project involved hiring a private area in the pub. They also provided snacks. We actually received a lot more food that we expected, which was fantastic.
We chose a pub close to the office so that people could get their needs met. It was only five minutes walk away. This was important because people often rush home from work, and I don’t think I would be willing to sacrifice my time to spend with people I already enjoy the most of my day with.
We had too many people involved in one project to take them out for drinks, so we bulk-purchased bottles of wine and soft drinks from the local cash and bear. Then we made personalized gift vouchers. This is how we tried to thank people on a tight budget. You can also read about why it didn’t work.
3. Bowling and other competitive games
Ask my team what they don’t want to do, and they’ll answer bowling. It works for many people, and it’s something I enjoy. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to mark the end of a project, or a successful completion.
Bowling is a great game because it offers the opportunity for competition. We bought cheap trophies and medals so that everyone could take home a souvenir and the winners could display the trophy in their offices.
Alternatives could include any type of team competition event, such as:
Go karting
Scavenger hunts around the city (an alternative to a virtual one)
Quiz nights.

4. Activities that are not competitive
Your team doesn’t care about scoring points. You don’t have to feel that pressure if you don’t want it.
Take, for example:
Cooking classes
Theatre night
Comedy club
Guided walking tour or city tour

It was a great night when we went to a comedy club with our project team. While some of the acts were not great, others were excellent. We created a shared experience, which doubled as a team building event.
5. Escape room
Escape rooms can be a great option for corporate team building because you don’t have the pressure of competing against each other. You work together.
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